Meet Taekwondo Family Fitness's Instructors!

Mr Rickey Jones Owner and Chief Instructor
Mr. Rickey Jones

Mr. Jones is a "student for life," vowing to never stop learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He is certified to instruct through the CTF and Grand Master Robert Hardin. He is also certified in basic first aid and CPR. Mr. Jones has studied and trained in various martial arts which include Hapkido, Yudo, Tang-so-do, hand to hand combat, ground fighting, pressure points Krav Maga, weapons defense, and of course the art that is most practiced world wide "Taekwondo."

Mr. Alex Walton School Instructor
Mr. Alex Walton

Mr. Alex Walton is currently attending The University of Tennessee. He has reached the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt and has been an instructor at Taekwondo Family Fitness for over 3 years. He has won several tournaments and is currently preparing for another.

Ms. Lauren Jones School Instructor in Training
Ms. Lauren Jones

Ms. Lauren Jones began her training in Taekwondo in 2008 at the age of seven. Her first long term goal was to become a black belt. There have been many short term goals reached in order to achieve this long term goal. Ms. Jones has participated in many tournaments and testings. She is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt. Ms. Jones is now a certified assistant instructor.