We are currently offering the following programs and events:


After School Program
It just doesn't get any better for our kids than this. Parents don't have to worry about where their children are or what they are doing. After school, children work on homework and receive assistance if needed. After study time, they are allowed to play or have a nutritious snack before they participate in a highly stylized and deliberate method of martial arts. which will teach them discipline and to have confidence in all walks of life.

Adult Program
Adults participating in our program have found that the immediate world around them is much brighter due to the exercise, stress relief, goal setting/accomplishing, developing positive work habits and in general having a new found energy that allows every day to be pleasurable.

Children's Program
Children in our program learn self confidence, self discipline, and good moral characteristics such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and an indomitable spirit that will transform them into future leaders.

Private Classes
Taekwondo Family Fitness owner/instructor, Mr. Rickey Jones is always willing to devote time to help anyone overcome a lack of time or abilities to keep their life balanced.

From time to time we like to show off. We have demonstrations at every promotional testing which are open and free for the public to view. We also offer our expertise to clubs, businesses, or special events by request or need.

Parents Night Out
We offer parents the chance to go out for dinner or grown-up events while we keep the kids. We watch movies, play games, tell stories and other fun stuff. These events are done as scheduled events usually around holidays such as Christmas or New Years.