Taekwondo - means literally "the art of striking with the hand and kicking with the foot."

White Belt - The white belt signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwondo.

Yellow Belt - Yellow signifies the earth, from which the plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwondo foundation is being laid.

Green Belt - Green signifies the plant's growth as taekwondo skills are developing.

Blue Belt - Blue belt signifies the heavens, toward which the plant develops into a towering tree as the Taekwondo training progresses.

Red Belt - Red Belt signifies danger, warning the student to exercise control and the opponent to stay away.

Ahn Jo - Sit down

Bah Roh - Return to ready position

Bon Kwan - Main school

Cha Ryut - Attention

Choong Sil Kwan - means literally the "School of Constant and Never Ending Improvement."

Dan - Degree

Do Bok - Training suit

Do Jhang - Training hall

Dobok - the traditional Taekwondo uniform worn during training.

Dojang - the room you work out in.

Goman - Stop

Gup - Class

Jhoon Be - Ready position

Ji Kwan - Branch school

Kyong Yet - Bow

Sah Bum Nim - Instructor above 4th Dan Black Belt

Sho - At ease

Yi Ro Sut - Stand up